CKAPCO Instructors

Beginning with its founder, Mike Aronoff, Canoe Kayak and Paddle Company was the very first American Canoe Association Pro School. CKAPCO is frequently among the annual leaders in the certification of new ACA paddlesports instructors and is known for the level of excellence contained within and emanating from its educational programs. An instructor certified through CKAPCO can be proud in knowing that they've met the high standards expected by the ACA.

We are Instructor Trainer Educators (ITE), Instructor Trainers (IT) and Instructors for the American Canoe Association.

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Mike is an ITE in River Canoe , Kayak and Coastal Kayak, IT in River Rescue. Ben Morton is a SUP and Kayak ITE and IT in Canoe and Rescue. Brendan is an IT in Canoe, instructor of Kayak and Swiftwater rescue. Greg Mallet Prevost is an IT in Canoe and Instructor in Kayak and Rescue. Larry Ausley is CKAPCO south in NC and an IT in Kayak both River and Coastal and Instructor in Rescue and Canoe. Jordan Taylor is an IT in Kayak and amazing Canoe and Rescue Instructor.

Our ladies, Tina Ray and Davia Wilson are Canoe and Kayak Instructors. We are deservedly proud to have this cast of well known and respected Coaches.