Ben Morton

Ben morton_soca river,slovenia_dan ives.jpeg

Ben is an ACA Advanced Whitewater (L5) Canoe Instructor, Advanced Whitewater (L5) Kayak Instructor Trainer, Whitewater (L4) Kayak Instructor Trainer Educator, Whitewater (L4) Canoe Instructor Trainer, Whitewater (L3) SUP Instructor Trainer, Coastal (L3) Kayak Instructor and River Safety and Rescue Instructor (L3). He is also a Wilderness First Responder and Leave No Trace Master Educator. Ben's paddling awards include the 2013 American Canoe Association Excellence in Instruction and 2011 National Outdoor Leadership School River Instructor Course: Homer Luther awards.

Over the past 10 years Ben has worked with the National Outdoor Leadership School, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Jackson Hole Kayak School, Costa Rica Rios, DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking, Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School, New Zealand Kayak School, Wilderness Rescue International and many other organizations. Ben's strengths lie in his excitement to share his passion for paddlesports with others, his eagerness to continue growing and developing as a paddler and instructor and his positive interpersonal skills.  Ben will be excited to work with you whether it's helping you improve your paddling technique, guiding you down beautiful tropical rivers in Central America, or leading you on your first multi-day river experience.